Sunday, March 29, 2015

Banker Auction Alt - Barlaroo

I don't think I've posted anything about my bank alts (yes, I have more than one). Barlaroo is my main banker who handles my auctions.

Head: Rhinestone Sunglasses
Chest: Calico Tunic
Wrist: Gem Studded Bracelets
Hands: Calico Gloves
Waist: Calico Belt
Legs: Calico Pants
Feet: Calico Shoes
Off-hand: Ornate Drinking Stein (because if you spent all your days standing next to Philip Luke, you'd need a drink, too!!)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Barla today.

I usually like to keep Barla in earth tones.. to be more huntery. The only thing keeping me from mogging her into the Draenor questing gear is that my shaman is currently rocking it :P

I just noticed the gloves aren't right.. but it's late and I'm tired. The ones currently equipped are a recent upgrade.

Shoulders: Mantle of the Tireless Tracker
Chest: Tunic of the Lost Pack
Waist: Lifecycle Waistguard
Legs: Morningscale Leggings (Heroic version)
Feet: Tsunami Boots
Gloves: Grips of Vicious Mauling
Cloak: Ruhkmari Cloak

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Monday, March 2, 2015

Barla's on Twitter!

So I have a "real" twitter account.. which I never use.. or look at. I mean, I have this blog and only two people read it (one is me!), so why have twitter so no one can read that, either?!

I usually have nothing interesting/important to say here, but I have to say it's kinda fun (when I remember) to blog a little something about Warcraft.

Soooo @BarlaLlane is my new twitter, already hooked up to BattleNet so Barla & the girls can send tons of selfies out into the world.

Yeah.. let's see how well I keep up with that...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mogging - When Less is More

You know Sandrene's Invisible Vest? It's a quest reward that, when worn, doesn't show on your toon. It has really fabulous possibilities, especially for those male toons who want to look like He-Man or a Demon Hunter. I was all excited about mogging this vest. No, I didn't want to go around in my underwear. There are a lot of really cute shirts that you can wear under the chest piece and mogging Sandrine's would allow the shirts to be seen. But, no. Can't be mogged. Fail, Blizz, Fail!!

BUT Blizzard DID give us The Emperor's New Cape which drops off of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in Blackrock Depths. THIS they make moggable when we already have the option to hide our cloaks. CRAZY!

There ARE some useful invisible items out there! Are you a Death Knight? If so, you're in luck! The Archerus Knight's Girdle you get from the starter zone is invisible!

Did you miss out on Griftah's Authentic Troll Shoes during the Barrens Invasion event? If you're a Tauren, Troll or Draenei these will be invisible:
  • Mail wearers: Tsunami Boots
  • Plate wearers: Ancient Skeletal Boots / Boots of the Funeral March / Foreshadow Steps / (Paladin only) Crafted Dreadful Gladiator's Greaves of Meditation & Alacrity
  • Cloth wearers: There are SO MANY that I can't list them all. I'm mostly a Draenei-person, so I take all my ladies out to Azuremyst for the Kurkenstoks and don't keep any other "invisible" ones.
  • Leather wearers: Ravenholdt Boots

Are you out of bank space? If you dual wield, you don't need to get both fist weapons - you can use the same weapon to mog both hands!

Do you have a soulbound item that you don't use much? Check on WowHead to see if it has a look-a-like BOE version. Buy it at the AH or farm it and send it to an alt bank for storage until you want to wear it again. Delete the soulbound one.

There are also some fun/unique items for transmog. Have an alchemist? Mog the offhand with a Vial of Chloroform if you haven't already done the Alliance Redridge quest that rewards it. Even better, mog a beaker of Tears of Heaven which is a vendor item you don't have to farm or quest for!

There are Picks, Shovels, cricket cages, lanterns and even pots of boiled squirrels! There are multiple versions of these items, so just click on the "same model as" tab on wowhead to search for other versions that might be easier to get.

Engineers have many options for goggles, but I think my favorite is still the Gnomish Mind Control Cap - I just wish that some of the hats wouldn't make our hair disappear :P

There's a similar cloth cap found in (dare I say it?!?) GNOMEREGAN: Electromagnetic Gigaflux Reactivator.

Do you use unique or fun items in your transmog? I'd love to see pictures!

Friday, January 30, 2015


I was looking at random WoW stuff today and decided to look up my baby warlock (she's 99.. don't tell her I called her a baby!).

This is her picture on the armory:

She looks like she's having a pretty rough time, doesn't she? Like maybe she ate too much chocolate or something...

She started out transmogged, but she's in questing greens/blues now. I like the cloth questing sets and this "white" version is my favorite.

Shoulders: Shadowviel Mantle
Chest: "Fireproof" Venture Co. Robes
Waist: Shadowviel Cord
Gloves: Steamburst Gloves
Shoes: Fungal Resistant Slippers

Weird.. armory doesn't show the staff she's weilding. That's ok, I'm disappointed in it (Admiral Taylor's Staff of Wisdom) anyway, it looks like a Mists staff and nothing like I feel a Draenor staff should look like.

I suppose the Fireproof robe and Fungal Resistant slippers could be a clue as to why she looks to be in so much pain..