Tuesday, June 30, 2015

This makes me wish I had a male NE hunter friend..

I was browsing forums this morning and saw this mog.. it's almost perfect. I try to keep Barla looking hunterish, but this hunter look wins for real!

Meet Thrustidon of Decipher on Frostmane. I don't know him/her, never met him/her, but I love how he/she thinks!!

Shoulders: Willow Spaulders
Chest: Marauder's Tunic
Gloves: Cragfists
Waist: Cormorant Waistband
Legs: Giantstalkers Leggings
Feet: Tsunami Boots
Weapon: Stoneshatter

This is what Wowhead shows it would look like on a female Draenei:

Stoneshatter is one of my favorite transmog crossbows - especially when she's mogged into something big and scary with a teeny tiny weapon.. I dunno.. I enjoy irony.

The only thing I'd want to change would be the gloves, but otherwise.. that's a fantastic NE hunter look!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cloth transmog

I'm always looking for new transmog ideas so when I recently came across an extra Foreman's Vest, I decided to mog it instead of AH/vendor (I get tired of re-listing things).

Other than the vest, the rest should be fairly easy (cheap) to get. The gloves and shoulders are quest rewards with very common BOE look-alike versions - Anchorite Regalia (Recolor).

Shoulder: Orunai Shoulderpads
Chest: Foreman Vest
Hands: Gordunni Handwraps
Waist: Gossamer Belt
Legs: Bright Pants

Wowhead item comparison.

Saturday, April 25, 2015


I think Briskette was my original Barlafumble from years ago. So many realm/faction kind of got her lost somewhere along the line, but she's still alive and kicking on Llane (Horde) in Barla's sister guild, Solstice.

It's pretty lonely there, but sometimes that's just want I want so I head on over and quest a bit.

Here's Briskette today at level 72.